The sun is just a memory… the planets are all gone… mankind is on the brink of extinction.

As the Church of the Infinite forces its doctrine on the survivors of humanity, the battle-weary Prince Halstead finds himself torn between his desire for peace and the growing tide of resistance, led by his estranged wife Bara. As the survival of humanity hangs in the balance, Halstead must finally decide what the Infinite Gods want him to do, a decision that could change the balance of power across the Cluster forever.

Meanwhile, the followers of the prophet Gofal, in hiding from the brutal forces of the Church’s Inquisitors, work towards a better future, one that may demand the ultimate sacrifice of their outlawed cult.

Past and future collide in this fifth volume of the explosive Arkship Saga from award-winning author Niel Bushnell. If you liked Battlestar Galactica, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series or The Expanse then you’ll love this page-turning series.

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