Avalon: Bayban's Bounty banner

Bayban’s back, baby!

Avalon: Bayban's Bounty banner

More than 40 years since his first (and last) appearance, Bayban the Butcher is back!

In case you don’t know, Bayban was a memorable character from the Blake’s 7 episode City at the Edge of the World played with gusto by Colin Baker. A fan favourite, Bayban was presumed dead at the end of the episode, but I’ve been keen to revisit this character for a long time. So when John Ainsworth told me he was developing Avalon, a spin-off audio series for Big Finish Productions set years before Bayban’s demise, I jumped at the opportunity to pitch an idea featuring everyone’s favourite maniac. Honestly, I didn’t expect John to go for it. I know there are lots of copyright issues with guest characters that prohibit their inclusion in Big Finish’s range of Blake’s 7 audio adventures. But John said he loved the idea and would discuss it with Chris Boucher, the original writer of City of the Edge of the World, and the keeper of Bayban. In a short while, a deal was struck and I was given Bayban to play with! The result is Bayban’s Bounty, my first audio drama for Big Finish which you can find here.

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A sacred stone might inspire revolution on a recently subjugated planet – if Avalon can only retrieve it from a high-security prison. She enlists the help of the Vankberg Vault’s only escapee, the madman at the top of the Federation’s Most Wanted list…


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