The Prophecy must be fulfilled!

How was your summer? I should have been writing, but I took a break from the keyboard to recharge my system, but as autumn peeks its woolly head round the corner, I’m back into writing the next instalment in the Arkship Saga: Arkship Prophecy, the fifth novel in the series.

As the Church of the Infinite forces its doctrine on the survivors of humanity, the warring houses, led by the battle-weary Prince Halstead, must put aside their differences if they are to defeat the Church’s plans for total domination. Meanwhile, the followers of the prophet Gofal work towards a better future, one that may demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Arkship Propecy will be available soon, but if you’ve not read the other books in the series, then go take a look at book one, Arkship Obsidian.


Writer & Artist based in the North East of England.

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