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The Amazing Story Steps – Part II

Regular visitors to my blog might recall my post last year about the Amazing Story Steps at the District CE Primary School in Newton-le-Willows. I’m Patron of Reading there and I’m honoured to be included on their steps. It’s such a simple, clever way to promote reading and I couldn’t wait to see it for myself when I returned there at the end of March.

I always get such a warm reception when I visit the school, and it was especially fun to talk to some of their younger children this time. I tried out a picture book I’m working on called ‘Tonight The Bedbugs Bite!’, and they helped me to draw a bedbug. There was lots of shouting and laughing!

2015 The District CE Bedbugs

About an hour lafter I saw an entire wall of bedbugs that had been drawn by the children in the assembly – they work fast!

2015 The District CE Bedbugs

Finally, after a couple of workshops on making book trailers, it was time to visit the Story Steps with some gifted young writers.

2015 The District CE Story Steps

Thanks once again to the brilliant staff and pupils at the District CE Primary School! I had an amazing day.


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