Capturing St Paul’s

Earlier this week I had to go down to London for a couple of meetings. I used to live there and I love going back, especially on a bright sunny day. I decided to walk between the meetings, avoiding the sweaty nightmare of the Tubes, when I stumbled upon this beautiful square that reminded me of somewhere in France or Italy, but with the mighty dome of St Paul’s Cathedral looming over it. It really was stunning! I discoverer later it was called Paternoster Square, and is a recent(ish) addition to the area – long after I’d moved out of the city anyway.

We stopped off for a drink and, seeing as I used St Paul’s as a major location in Sorrowline, I thought it might be nice to compare the real dome to the image on my bookmarks. Now, I like taking pictures but there’s only so much you can do with an iPhone. Here’s my best effort:

IMG_4302Not quite an award winning picture, but what made it worse was the lovely snap Chris Chatterton took of me at the same time! Now that’s concentration!




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