Jack Morrow and the Grave of Time!

One thing I’ve learned is that things take a long time in publishing! Way back in September 2011 the German publisher Heyne  (part of Random House) bought the German rights to Sorrowline and Timesmith. This was my very first book deal – the UK rights sold a few months later. So you can imagine I’ve been keen to see how my work translates into another language. Well, here it is! It’s Sorrowline, but not as we know it! It’s called Jack Morrow und das Grab der Zeit, or Jack Morrow and the Grave of Time. Not only is the title different the cover is too! Take a look:

German edition of Sorrowline
German edition of Sorrowline

It’s refreshingly different to the UK edition – I love them both! But what do you think? It’s due out on the 28th October this year and is already listed on the German Amazon site.


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