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Presentation ready! Author ready!!
Presentation ready! Author ready!!

Last week I went back to my old school to talk to some of their Year 7 pupils about writing Sorrowline and my career in animation. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous as I pulled into the car park and went into the reception, dodging groups of lunch-time pupils looking at me suspiciously.

It’s changed a lot since I was there – all for the better – but memories of grim school days still prevail! But my fears were unfounded! The pupils were a delight, about 35 Gifted & Talented who listened intently, and asked lots of questions! I can home buzzing, feeling like a rock star!

But then I had to do it all over again today for World Book Day. This time it was a different school, and it was the entire Year 6 pupils – about 65 in all! So the butterfiles came back and I started thinking it would be a disaster! I’m relieved and happy to report that the afternoon was a barnstormer – in spite of a jokey comparison to the bald,glasses-wearing funster Harry Hill! If anything I had even MORE questions than last week, and lots of enthused faces. Given that they had to sit on the floor for two hours I was impressed with their attention and politeness. I came home bouncing like Tigger! It’s great to meet so many enthusiastic young people who just get where you’re coming from, and are really engaged in what you’re telling them.


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