40 Days!

It’s getting close now! Really close! Just 40 Earth days till the 3rd of January and the publication of Sorrowline.

But the truth is it’s been published already! On the 13th of November, somewhere in a  factory unit in Croydon the presses rolled on the first edition of Sorrowline. Right now I imagine there are pallets full of copies of Sorrowline getting ready to be sent out to various locations throughout the country. In my megalomaniac mind it looks something like the image above, but maybe a bit bigger. Of course the reality will be something more modest, but its fun to dream. I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy of the book, it’ll be like the completion of a very long journey that I started on over three years ago, or three decades ago if you count all the previous attempts to write a book.

And then, like buses, another one comes along immediately after it! I’ve completed draft two of Sorrowline’s sequel, Timesmith. I’m finishing a third draft before it goes to my agent and publisher in the next few days. Then the process of editing begins again, and, hopefully, it won’t be long before I start on book three.

I took part in my first proper interview last week. It’s for the Newcastle Journal’s Culture magazine and is out on the 4th of December. It was surprisingly enjoyable to chat about the book and my hopes for it, I only hope I didn’t say anything too stupid. This happens often. The article will also include details of a launch event happening in Newcastle at the end of January – more on that next time.

Another exciting development was Sorrowline appearing on the Love Reading 4 Kids website. They ran a competition for review copies of the book, so I’m expecting to see some opinions on the site soon from it’s target audience. The site is also hosting a preview of the book. If you register (it’s free) you can download a PDF document of the prologue and first chapter. Just click the link here:

Finally, here is an image I made to help explain how Jack can be in the same place twice!



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