100 days!

I love a countdown. Who doesn’t? If its good enough for Astronauts and Bond villains then its good enough for a d├ębut author. So, today is exactly 100 days till publication of Sorrowline on January 3rd 2013. And by way of a celebration of that landmark date it gives me great pleasure to finally reveal the cover to you.

Final art for the cover of Sorrowline

Designed by James Fraser with brilliant art direction by Andersen’s Kate Grove, the cover depicts the two main characters, Jack and Davey rushing out of a Sorrowline. I think it captures a real sense of mystery and adventure. I also love the London skyline across the top of the book, mixing elements from the 1940’s and the present day, (its about time-travel after all!)

So, only 100 days to go, and Sorrowline feels more and more like a real book! I’ll be posting more here as the big day looms, but I’ve also launched an author’s page on Facebook. ( Go on, give it a ‘like’!


Writer & Artist based in the North East of England.

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