Pre-Order listing

Today I discovered my debut novel, Sorrowline, listed on Amazon’s UK site, thanks to a nod from Curtis Jobling. It’s really exciting to see it ‘out there’ for pre-order.

This is quite a surreal moment in my adventure to eventual publication, all the more strange as I’m still editing the final manuscript, and the book cover is only in the very early design stages. And yet, if you really want to, you can place an order for the book now, a full nine months before its official publication date – which appears to be the 3rd of January.

So, like many other excitable authors before me, I hit the purchase button! Yes, it makes no sense. I’ll get some complimentary copies eventually, but it was something I just had to do. And when the wintery day comes that I see a physical copy in a bookstore I’ll do exactly the same again and walk out of the shop a very happy man, like a slightly younger, less successful version of this well known writer:

"My name? Yes, its N M Bushnell."

“My name? Yes, its N M Bushnell.”


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