Announcing Sorrowline

Finally, after a busy, brief few months that have felt like an eternity I can finally shout about my brilliant two book deal with Andersen Press. Here is the press release:

Andersen Press Have Bought Rights In Two Children’s Novels, Sorrowline And Timesmith, By Debut Writer Niel Bushnell

Andersen Press have bought rights in two children’s novels, SORROWLINE and TIMESMITH, by debut writer Niel Bushnell. Both are about Jack Morrow, a boy who discovers that he can time travel through the ‘sorrowlines’ – lines that connect every grave to the day of that person’s death.Editorial director Charlie Sheppard bought UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Juliet Mushens at Peters Fraser & Dunlop.
Charlie Sheppard said, ‘I’m thrilled to be publishing these books. I haven’t read anything so original in quite some time and Niel is a great addition to the growing Andersen Fiction list.’
Juliet Mushens said, ‘The books are incredibly atmospheric and exciting – Niel Bushnell is a brilliant new writer and SORROWLINE is just the start of a great career.’
German language rights have already sold to Heyne in a two-book pre-empt.
Andersen Press plan to publish SORROWLINE in 2013.

And here is a little bit of blurb:

The past is not a frozen place. Graveyards are not dead ends. And if the Sorrowline lets you in there is a hidden world of adventure waiting behind every gravestone.  

Just when 12-year-old Jack Morrow’s life is falling apart he discovers his natural ability to travel through Sorrowlines: channels that connect every gravestone with the date of the person’s death.  Confused and alone Jack finds himself in 1940. He embarks on an adventure through London during the Blitz with Davy, his teenage grandfather, to find a mystical Rose that might just save his mother’s life, a mother who he has already seen die. But the terrible power of the Rose of Annwn, is sought by many, and the forces of a secret world are determined to find it first. With a league of Undead Knights of his trail, commanded by the immortal Rouland, can Jack decipher the dark secret hidden at the heart of his family? Can he change his own destiny and save his mother?

Prophecy and history collide in this epic new children’s fantasy adventure series.

Its great to finally see this out there. Sorrowline is no longer something that exists just inside my shinny head. Soon it will be on someones bookshelf, (at least that’s the hope. I have visions of an Alan Partridge style visit to the pulpers.)

I’ll be back shortly with more updates – and a bit more on the process that got me from the slush pile to publication.


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