Ragnor Rock banner15 years ago all British Lighthouses were automated, their crews reassigned. All except one: Ragnor Rock, ignored and forgotten

Hapless Captain Derrick May has done his best to keep it together during the long years of isolation. His lack of leadership skills and fear of life doesn’t seem to have got in his way too much. But he’d be nothing without his second in command, Ed Darwin. Ed, veteran of more than one war, has seen it all, done it all, met anyone and everyone. He’s the glue that keeps it all together. He also happens to be a serial killer, on the run and in hiding.

But the Rock has another occupant, cursed to wander it forever: Alice, the ghost of a drowned slave girl. She’s been here a very long time and it’s not done her any good. She has a crush on Ed but doesn’t trust Derrick one bit. For Ed Alice is the perfect girl: already dead!

The status quo is shattered when Tom Baxenbury is shipwrecked on the Rock. Tom’s supposed to be getting married on Saturday and the pressure has gotten to him. He’s desperate to get back before the week is out, but if Ed and Derrick help him it could ruin everything, perhaps even see them thrown in prison. They can’t allow that to happen. And now Alice fancies Tom too! Tom’s got five days until Saturday. Can he build a boat in time? Can he make it to the altar? Does he really want to? Will Ed kill him? Will the toilet roll run out again?


Ragnor Rock 

Tom – Alex Kinsey

Ed – Carl Kennedy

Derrick – Matt Selman

Alice – Catherine McCabe

Music and sound effects by Steve Luck

Written and Directed by Niel Bushnell

Produced by Steve Luck

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