Blake’s 7: Chosen

Zen’s detached voice filled the flight deck, his measured tone at odds with the urgency of the situation.

As a damaged Liberator drifts in the skies above, Blake, Vila and Jenna scope out the planet below. But what they believe to be an abandoned mining facility turns out to be less deserted – and more dangerous – than they could have known.

Meanwhile, the crew members left on board are facing problems of their own. Avon and Gan must work together to outwit Midrey Wraithe, a ruthless Space Commander who is willing to risk everything to get what she wants. And Cally lies unconscious on the flight deck, lost in a vivid dream of an innocent young boy, wandering the wastelands of a desolated planet…

I’m really pleased that my Blake’s 7 audiobook, Chosen, is out today. I’ve been a fan of Blake’s 7 all my life, so the opportunity to write a novel set in that universe was something that I had wanted to do for a very long time.

My love of Blake’s 7 goes all the way back to the original transmission which I saw at the impressionable age of seven. It gripped me from the first episode, and once I saw the Liberator there was no turning back. I’ve been hooked ever since, and I’ve wanted to play in the Blake’s 7 universe for a very long time. I was lucky enough to animate the intros for the DVDs but this is the first time I’ve written for Blake’s 7, so this is a dream come true for me.

Chosen is set between the Season One episodes Mission to Destiny and Duel. The crew is still getting to know each other when the Liberator is damaged in a flight through an asteroid field. Blake thinks a base might be a good idea, somewhere to conduct repairs and hide from the Federation, and he thinks he’s found the perfect planet. While he, Villa and Jenna teleport down to the surface to explore, the others conduct repairs to the failing ship. Cally accidentally activates a dormant defence system and she finds herself sealed on the Flight Deck, her mind flooded with images of a teenage boy growing up in a ruined city on an icy planet. As Cally fights her own personal battle for control of her mind, Avon and Gan struggle to save the ship from destruction. And Blake’s hope of finding sanctuary quickly turns into a battle for survival against a horde of killer robots. 

I completed Chosen earlier this year, and as I also turned 50 this year I decided it was time to get myself a fantastic Liberator handgun and teleport bracelet replica from Century Casting.

You can listen to Chosen here: https://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/blake-s-7-chosen-audiobook-2254


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