Where is Arkship Omega?

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately. (Maybe you haven’t, you’ve got a busy, demanding life to tame after all.) I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while, and – more importantly! – my latest book has failed to appear. Arkship Omega was due out last month but, due to many other commitments, I’ve been unable to finish it in time.

I could have rushed it, I could have crammed in 6000 words a day and got it done in time, posted it on Amazon and toasted my last-minute, deadline-defying lack of planning. But I didn’t want to do that. This is the sixth, and final book in this part of the Arkship Saga, I’ve been working up to this conclusion for almost three years, and I didn’t think rushing it was fair on me, fair on you, or fair on the story.

So, I’m sorry it’s not out yet, and I’m sorry you have to wait a little longer, especially if like one reader who emailed me, you’ve read the whole saga over the summer and want to know what happens next. Book six is coming, I promise, it’s more than half-way there, but first I have to complete some other projects that pay the bills and allow me to continue to write. 

One of those commissioned projects is a prose story for a well known TV show, of which I can say no more just yet, but I’ll be screaming about it in the near future. 

But rest assured, Arkship Omega will be out soon, with a prequel trilogy to follow in the New Year. So in the meantime, if you haven’t already, there are five other books to read, not to mention three free short stories…

So while you wait for Arkship Omega to arrive, you can read two new stories set in the same universe. Both are set before book 1, Arkship Obsidian, and include characters from the main saga:

  • Arkship Graveyard: set 10 years before the events of book 1. Prince Thyred Kenric, war-weary and disillusioned, stumbles on the wreckage of an ancient arkship. But it’s not just any ordinary arkship – this one belonged to his grandfather and is rumoured to contain a secret weapon that could help end the war. But Thyred soon discovers that not everything is dead on board the long-forgotten arkship.
  • Arkship Sanctuary: set 23 years before book 1 and features a notorious villain from the saga: A young girl, alone on a vast arkship, must fight to survive as its former inhabitants, now drug-fuelled monsters, hunt her down, intent on infecting her with the toxic narcotic known as Gravel.

The prequel story, Arkship Countdown, is also included in this collection. These stories are free to download, so get reading now!


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