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Book three in the Arkship Saga, Arkship Alliancehas been out for just over a week and I’m relieved and delighted that the feedback has been amazing. If you read my newsletter that I sent out just before publication, you’ll know I was a little bit nervous about how it might be received, but I needn’t have worried. Here’s some of the reviews I’ve had so far:

“Bushnell has scored the perfect triple with Arkship Alliance. The House of Draig is hell-bent on becoming master’s of the galaxy and only Wynn and his few allies are left in the way. Bushnell weaves a complex plot with more twists and turns than a Boa Constrictor! There are stunning victories and heart-breaking losses along the way, but Wynn and company try to find creative solutions. Just when you think that you have figured out Bushnells plot twists, here comes another startling curve from left field.”

“Niel Bushnell’s Arkship Saga truly gets epic with book 3, ARKSHIP ALLIANCE. After their battle in the last book, rivalry between houses Kenric and Draig continues to simmer as more houses join the conflict to muddy the waters. Like a well planned game of chess moves, Niel’s writing and familiarity with his characters shows.”

Have you read Arkship Alliance? What did you think? You can post a comment below, or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


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