June Edit – part 1

“Here’s the challenge, Niel: you’ve got a month to do the next draft of The Death of Goldilocks. Thirty three chapters in thirty days. Are you in?”

This is the voice in my head, always challenging me, always taunting me, except when it’s singing songs I hate, or deleting important memories and replacing them with detailed plot breakdowns of ancient TV shows. On the face of it this seems an achievable challenge; one-ish chapter a day over the next month, then I’ve got draft 4 sorted! But it’s never that easy. Some chapters will whiz by, others are going to take days! Lots of days! And it’s not like I don’t do other stuff to do. I’ve got an animation project for a CBBC show to finish, mentoring for various digital companies, author events, not to mention real life! This could be a tricky challenge.

“Go on! You can do it! Probably… Hey, why not blog about it then, if you fail,¬†everyone will know!”

Or it might just push me to get the job done. So here goes – thirty three chapters in thirty days. What could possibly go wrong?


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