Week 4 Highlights

Being an author is a bit like being in a war where you can’t quite see over the ridge ahead of you. Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening, other times it’s an adrenaline-fuelled mad rush with everything coming at you all at once. Fortunately no one is shooting at me, so that’s where the analogy breaks down. Here’s what’s been going on:

  • I met my book in a shop! On Friday I went to Seven Stories in Newcastle and found two copies on the shelves of their impressive children’s book shop. The staff were very friendly and obviously champion new authors. Pics here.
  • A new blog review from a Junior School Librarian in New Zealand! The world is very small these days.
  • And another review here who said, “I sat down to read just a few pages and the next thing I knew the afternoon was gone and I’d reached the last page.”
  • Then there was the Waterstones launch event on Tuesday night, which I will blog about properly soon. An amazing night!


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